About Us


What about us?

We are a family of hypernerds; I am the Writer Nerd, Vanessa MacLaren-Wray. My credentials: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Economic Systems from Stanford University, Editor of “Weed” a Literary Magazine of long long ago, at North Dakota State University (home of the Bison), power systems analyst with a focus on energy efficient systems and powerflow methods, and long-time school volunteer. As the Science Mom I was known as “Doctor Wray”. I’ll be writing from all of those perspectives.

Other hypernerds in the family: For now, we’ll just include the author of Pixel Gravity, Corwin Wray, a survivor of UC Berkeley’s undergraduate astrophysics program and software builder. On the horizon, we have a NASA physicist who reads tons of science books and has erudite opinions on all of them, a Cal biology student who has spent two summers interning in astrobiology, and a UCSB student who is currently too busy helping build a quadrapedal robot to get involved in this project.

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