An Update: Time-Travel to 2012

So I’m watching the fake Late Late Show (forever fake, now that Craig has left) & suddenly Replacement Guest Host is doing make-your-own-comet with a Guest Astronomer.  I’m wondering if I could charge them with stealing my work, but, well Derrick Pitts probably doesn’t need to be getting ideas from the Invisible Blog of Doom.  On checking back to my own posting from late 2012, I find the following:

1) Mine has decent classroom-management tips and includes explanations of why each substance is being added in, and theirs does not.  Plus, they use Coca-Cola, which isn’t a such good idea for a school science demo. (Wayne Brady does demonstrate exactly what students will do with a can of soda.)

2) Mine is totally missing its visuals.  I took photos the last couple of times I did this demo.  Where are they? Aaaaagh!

Four days later, I’ve found the missing files, carefully stored on a clearly-labeled DVD backup disk in a plastic box in my office.  Under another box.  With a scattering of old DVD’s, mending, receipts, and old concert tickets on top of that. Plus dust.


A comet-building group at a Lyceum of Silicon Valley workshop

A comet-building group at a Lyceum of Silicon Valley workshop

And, ta-da! My comet project update is complete.  I’ve even learned how to embed a link to the Late Late Show’s YouTube channel on the appropriate blog post.  Time-travel to here and have your own cometary fun.  Remember to keep things safe but still keep the fun in science.

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