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by Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

Greetings, fellow star travellers! Welcome to the home base for my books and stories.

The Smugglers has arrived in the Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy

Mother says, “Don’t name the merchandise,” and “Don’t let the humans see you.”

But Boy can’t resist naming the cute, fuzzy ball of feathers and knife-sharp talons they’re delivering. And why be afraid of weak, ignorant humans?

Plus, this old skinsuit works, but it’s getting cramped. Maybe it’s time for a change.

A suitcase decorated with colorful stickers of aliens and spaceships and planets sits in an empty hallway in a spaceship like environment. Text: The Smugglers Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

A golden hand rising from a shiny pool and dangling a key chain text: Coke Machine Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

“Coke Machine”

Every truck stop needs a coke machine.

What a way to die — coated in sticky effluent, upside-down in a disused access tube, lost forever in a drifting, abandoned, bankrupt trader ship.

Skip-ship engineer Marichka’s busy with a fire, a faulty Ancient-tech component, and now the etheric cabling’s sprung a leak.

Could some one give her a hand here?

Book cover: black and white photo of person walking with an umbrella, text: Fault Zone: Reverse An anthology of stories

Fault Zone: Reverse

A curated anthology edited by Laurel Anne Hill

Fault Zone: Reverse has already received national-level recognition, winning the Anthology category in the Independent Press Awards.

My contributions:
“Heart’s Delight” (Nominated by the editor for the Pushcart Prize and the World Fantasy Award): what happens when the keepers of the land decide they’ve had enough of the takers?

“Reunion” (literary fiction): what happens when you meet someone from a time too painful to remember?

A fairytale city stands on a hill, with a tall tower rising up to the sky, while beyond hills and mountains rise peak above peak. In the foreground, golden pillars are entwined with green vines. Text above: Vanessa MacLaren-Wray. Text below: Parrish Blue

Parrish Blue

Art can carry you away… (Audio edition soon!)

Maxfield’s is the place to see and be seen.

Sallie Anaro always dreamed of living immersed in beauty, and she’s now one of the elite team making this fabulous restaurant a retreat for Earth’s powerful and fortunate.

When a scruffy off-worlder stumbles in, gazing at the artistic décor like a tourist, Sallie has no idea he’s about to shatter her worldview. Inspired by kindness, she resolves to give him the perfect Maxfield’s experience. As she guides him through the menu, course by delectable course, his love of art helps her rediscover what those dreams once meant to her.

A long-haired woman lookes down thoughtfully, with a glowing shape behnd her on the horizon. TExt: Vanessa MacLaren-Wray. All That Was Asked

All That Was Asked

What would you do with a lost alien?

Ansegwe — perpetual student, aspiring poet, and scion of the (allegedly criminal) Varayla Syndicate — just has to ruin everything. As everyone knows, Ansegwe may have sensibility, but he’s not long on sense.

When he stumbles across a weird little alien in need of help, Ansegwe violates every protocol in the handbook to save its life. He’ll need to make some serious life changes, starting with that complicated family of his.

Ansegwe may just have to grow up … now that he’s adopted an alien.

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