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by Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

Greetings, fellow star travellers! Welcome to the home base for my books and stories.

The Patchwork Universe is expanding! The first book in this series, All That Was Asked, was released just at the onset of our Glorious Pandemic. As we slowly emerge (no, it’s not over yet), so do new stories from that universe, where “thin patches” between alternate worlds allow explorers to discover how geology, biology, and history have played out differently … or similarly.

The True Son, a short story introducing characters in Shadows of Insurrection, was released on January 6th. It’s a fast read, with sword-fighting action, complicated-family drama, and an exciting midnight escape plan. Hang tight, Shadows is arriving soooon.

The Patchwork Universe

Welcome to the patchwork universe, where inflation theory establishes that there may be multitudinous other worlds–universes in their own right. One (actual) inflation theory describes these as ‘bubble universes’ and hypothesizes that they may ‘touch’ one another, like bubbles in a foam, so that the greater multiverse is a patchwork of worlds. If only we could slip through one of those contact points … or what if someone came to us, from another world?

terraced hillside plantings in red and green (a manipulated image of tea fields)

All That Was Asked

Ansegwe would rather write poetry than work, but his world changes when he meets an alien on a crossword exploration trip. And brings the alien home with him.

a knife falls to the surface of a sandy arena, while a condor soars overhead.

The True Son

Corren will do whatever it takes to protect his brother, while the king’s son will do whatever it takes to eliminate Corren. Swords-fights, bullying, and a midnight escape.

A man with a spear stands by a loaded pack-pony and looks out at a wide view.

Shadows of Insurrection

Corren, son of Orkast, is next in line to be king, but he’s got enough on his plate already, with brigands, insurrectionists…and visitors from another world.

Truck Stop Stories

Orbiting the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is an ancient space station, restored to operation as a stopover spot for travellers across the galaxy. This project combines the skills and talents of several writers. Read them all!

Coke Machine

Engineer Marichka Natalyovna is up to her elbows in aether, hazard warnings are blaring. Could someone give her a hand?

The Smugglers

Meet two dangerous aliens, Deralka and her child. Disguised as humans, can they elude security to deliver a dangerous, illegal pet?

There’s a Store, Too

The writers for the Truck Stop series all wanted T-Shirts. And mugs. And hoodies. So we made a store. It’s open to all.

Short Takes

The books are fun, but also have the short stories. I’m working on learning to do flash fiction, and that’s fun, too.

Parrish Blue

Two people meet in a restaurant, on a troubled Earth, and discover one another in the light of a brilliant work of art.

Book cover: black and white photo of person walking with an umbrella, text: Fault Zone: Reverse An anthology of stories

Fault Zone: Reverse

I have two stories in this anthology. One was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. All the stories here are worth your time.

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