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Greetings, fellow star travellers.

I’m Vanessa MacLaren-Wray. I write stories and poetry. And code. I’m into photography, mathematical simulation of electric power systems, kittens and puppies, solar and wind power, space travel, efficient energy use, and chocolate. And I will admit, but only to you, that I do so enjoy a good, well-written K-drama. Especially these days.

My new book, All That Was Asked, is out! You can order signed copies (gasp) direct from Paper Angel Press or purchase as usual through your favorite bookseller. It’s out in all the current digital formats, trade paperback, and hardcover (though only B&N carries the hardcover, because reasons). And there’s an audiobook, too, available on Amazon/Audible and at Apple Books (itunes).

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This first-contact story explores the challenges of communication between species–when neither side has a universal translator to rely on, when the alien in question is so odd most people would consider it an animal–not a person, and when accidents and misunderstandings get in the way.

Ansegwe’s a tagalong, a wannabe poet, and the pampered offspring of a rich, powerful family. When faced with the choice of leaving an injured alien creature to fend for itself in the wilds of a strange world, he makes decisions that force him to contend with his own failings–but also help him discover his mission in life.

Official Safety Notice for Poetry-Averse Readers: There are no actual poems in this book.

The same cannot be said for this blog. Be warned.