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Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

Hello, and welcome to my website! I write stories and poetry. And code. I’m into photography, mathematical simulation of electric power systems, kittens and puppies, solar and wind power, space travel, efficient energy use, and chocolate. We’ve come throught some tough times recently, together. I know it’s not as bad for some as for others, but we can continue to help each other along as best we can.


All That Was Asked
Parrish Blue
Paper Angel Press Sampler
Science Fiction Sampler 2022

Reunion (in Fault Zone: Reverse)
Heart’s Delight (in Fault Zone: Reverse)
Coke Machine
The Smugglers
Shadows of Insurrection (New Release: March 2023)

Corren, son of Yutek, has enough on his hands, working his way up the ranks of the King’s Guard. When a strange woman turns up claiming to be from another world, it only complicates his mission to find out who’s trying to overthrow the matriarchy he serves.

Coming in mid-2023: Flames of Attrition

In the dramatic conclusion to The Unremembered King, Corren of Jeska leads a desperate defense of his country against a cabal of insurrectionists, outsiders, and unwilling rebels.

Machine Design, Hadrosaur Tales 19
Particle Physics, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry

Coming, in December 2023: Two poems selected for Fault Zone: Detachment

Special Recognition

Fault Zone: Reverse won the 2022 Independent Press Award for Anthologies.

“Heart’s Delight” was nominated iin 2022 for the Pushcart Prize and the World Fantasy Award.

“Coke Machine” won the First-Person Narrative Fiction contest at the Literary Stage 2021 event hosted by the California Writers Club.

Book cover A man with a spear stands beside a loaded pack-pony and looks out over a landscape of hills and valleys. Text: Shadows of Insurrection Book 1 The Unremembered King. Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

About Cometary Tales

This site is my home on-line. Please keep that in mind as you visit.

It began as a simple blog, a place to park a few thoughts, a few experiences, some photos, science experiments for kids. Gradually, the little blog became a complicated one. Then I finished a book. Then a few stories. Now I’m working on a series, and a sequel, and another series, and so on.

So, now, this page is where all those stories land.

The blog is still here, of course. Our past is our present is our future.

All material–words, images, everything here–is subject to copyright and may not be used without prior permission.

Permissions will be readily granted for reasonable uses. Just ask.

Material from elsewhere is incorporated here if it’s public domain (with attribution, if available) or permission is given. Please notify me if you encounter anything needing proper citation and I will make corrections promptly.

Image credits for this page:

Comet: The Great Comet of 1843, attributed to D.A. Hardy. Per Alan Hale, a modern comet-hunter, writing at RocketSTEM, the painting was likely done around March 23, 1843. This particular image clip was grabbed from’s public-domain image files.

Cover Art by Kelley York , for Shadows of Insurrection.