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Food Is All

At the 2023 Nebula Conference, some of us started thinking about food. We settled on chocolate chip cookies as an essential nutrient delivery system for writers. Here is an easy recipe that makes a modest batch of cookies suitable for one writer and one supportive significant other. (Oh, “chocolate dots” is what my husband’s family calls chocolate chips.)

Conneaut Lake Chocolate Dots

Let’s Get Ready for Grinder: Tools for a Manuscript Preparation Workshop

I’ve been working with friends to develop a workshop (we’ve run it at two WorldCons, BayCon, and now Octocon) to help newer writers get comfortable with the submission process. For that, Steven Radecki developed and I revised a presentation on the topic. (The link takes you to the most-recent edition, used at Octocon 2022.) We’re open to presenting this workshop for your group, for personalized advice and guidance! Contact us!

To supplement that, I’ve created a series of easy-to-use templates, for long and short fiction. I’ll work on some frameworks for other elements as we go along.

Short StoryNovelNovel in parts